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Born in Comiso (Italy) in 1979. After studying sculpture at the Salvatore Fiume Art School in Comiso, he briefly attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In 2006, he continued his artistic training by specializing in mosaic art at the International School of Frioul Mosaics in Spilimbergo (Italy).

In 2009, he moved to Paris and in 2013, he joined the board of directors of the Center of

Contempory Art 59 Rivoli in Paris, where his studio is currently located.

Numerous exhibitions in Parisian galleries. He has also exhibited his mosaic creations in Milan, Florence, Prague, Budapest, Berlin (Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts) and Hô-Chi-Minh (Vietnam).

Since 2016, he has been the organizer and curator of the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaics in Paris (FIMCP).

His works are exhibited in private homes around the world, between the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

He has also given lectures and workshops on contemporary mosaics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and at the Artistic Lyceum in Pisa.

Since 2013, he has been teaching contemporary mosaic in Paris, where he currently lives.



2005/06 Specialization in contemporary mosaic, Mosaicisti del Friuli School,

Spilimbergo (IT)


2002/05 Mosaic master's degree, Mosaicisti del Friuli School, Spilimbergo (IT)


1993/98 Diploma in sculpture and plastic arts, Salvatore Fiume Art School,

Comiso (IT)



2013/22 Member of the artistic collective 59 Rivoli, Paris (FR)


2012/22 Professional trainer in contemporary mosaic, Rungis (FR)


2009/12 Co-founder of the Mosaicozette mosaic workshop, Wissous (FR)




2018 Conference / Workshop on contemporary mosaic, Firenze Fine Arts (IT)


2015 Conference on contemporary mosaic, Russoli Artistic School, Pisa (IT)



2023 Art residency- Galery 11:11 D'artiste, Hô-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam)

        - Exhibition duo QUANTUM ROMA - Via di Monserrato Roma (IT)

2022 Curator of the 2nd Contemporary Mosaic Festival of Paris, 59 Rivoli Gallery 75001 (FR)

        - Exihibition 14 éme International Mosaic Fair Chartres (FR)

2020 Exhibition Galery Grand'Eterna 75008 Paris

2019 Exhibition Curator GOINGS/COMINGS, San Bernado Church, Pisa (IT)


2018 - Curator of the 2nd Contemporary Mosaic Festival of Paris, Galerie 59 Rivoli Gallery (FR)

         - International Mosaic Exhibition, Saint Nicolas Tower, Paray-le-Monial (FR)

         - E=MC², Saint-Eman Chapel, Chartres, France

         -TRANSFORMATION, Kunstgewerbemusum, Berlin (DE)


2017 DESIGN AND CRAFTS FAIR, Paris Town Hall (FR)


2017 ANARCHIA CREATIVA, Firenze Fine Arts (IT)


2016 - TACTILE, 21 Gallery, Paris (FR)

         - 11th INTERNATIONAL MOSAIC FAIR, Chartres (FR)

         - 1st CONTEMPORARY MOSAIC FESTIVAL of PARIS, 59Rivoli Gallery, Paris (FR)


2015 RAVENNA MOSAICO, Mosaic Biennial, Opere dal mondo, Ravenna (IT)


2014 BRERA/59RIVOLI, Brera Fine Arts, Milan (IT)


2021 Project mosaic "La Maison Jaune", Ivry sur Seine (FR)


2016 Maison Champagne Bollinger, creation of the "Gestation" mosaic, La Reserve winery, AY (FR)

2008 Eddy Pendulum, passed mosaic, Pordenone Engineering Institute (IT)

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