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1 Dancing in the two times 2023 cm 90 x 90 Smaltes, marbres, feuilles d'or sur verre.jpg
La Ferla
Studio art 59 rue de Rivoli

As an Ancient technique, the usage of mosaic can be seen as being a witness of the circumstances in which it is part of by striving to highlight the features of society.

From the Byzantine mosaic, Luigi La Ferla takes up the luminosity which moves on the surface, as nothing is fixed, everything is in motion in these thousand facets. Thick texture, concentrated material, fluidity is at the service of the themes carried by LLF and imposes a slow rhythm of reflection.

Each time matter transforms into energy, a part of this energy becomes unusable and it will increase the disorder of the atmosphere. The measure of disorder is called Entropy. The mosaic can therefore be read as a system in which entropy is present in the very material of which it is composed: in the act of cutting the material, the artist thus applies a conceptual gesture by which an energy is produced and released into the universe, which will increase entropy.

By cutting the material, subdivided into small stone elements, then reassembled in the form of a mosaic, the artist sculpts the breath of contemporary humanity and applies a gesture that is a metaphor for our existence, where each individual undoes and reassembles fragments of emotions in the perpetual search for harmony. The mosaic, by its intrinsically fragmentary nature, is a technique that does not need mediation to express the desire to recompose the balance of a highly disarticulated world.



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